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To find out what your benefits are you should speak with a representative of your insurance company or the HR department at your place of employment. As a courtesy to our patients, our office can help you understand your insurance benefits and assist you in receiving these benefits.

Traditional Insurance Benefits

A specific dollar amount (Lifetime Orthodontic Max) is reimbursed to the subscriber for covered orthodontic charges. This benefit is paid out at a percentage of the charges until the maximum is reached. You may elect to have the insurance benefit sent to our office or may receive the benefit yourself.

PPO, PDO Insurance Benefit

These insurance programs require that you receive treatment at an office that participates with this insurance company. A reduced fee is charged for orthodontic treatment. Many of the PPO, PDO insurance programs also provide a reimbursable benefit that is usually sent to our office and credited to your account.

What Happens If I Change Insurance Companies During Treatment?

If you or your employer change or terminate orthodontic coverage, your new charges will reflect the new orthodontic program. Be aware that your “out of pocket” costs may increase or decrease based upon the new insurance reimbursement or fee discount. Our office will credit or debit your account based upon the pro-rated difference between the old insurance fee and the new insurance fee. All of your orthodontic charges will reflect your insurance coverage at the time of service.

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